Tina K. Russell

June 24, 2008

On liberation

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Q and A – Testing Linux With a Live CD – Question – NYTimes.com
Q. I am interested in putting Linux on an old computer, but not sure whether it is easy enough to use yet. I have heard you can test it without installing it. How?

A. You can give the Linux operating system a workout without actually installing it on your hard drive by running the system from what’s called a Live CD. With a Live CD, the computer boots from the CD drive instead of its own hard drive and runs the system from there.

Since you are new to Linux, you might want to try Ubuntu Linux (www.ubuntu.com), which has a familiar graphical user interface and a large amount of helpful documentation written by other users at help.ubuntu.com/community. The Ubuntu download is about 700 megabytes, so a broadband connection is helpful too, unless you sign up to have the site mail a free CD to you.

Linux is fun and free! Try it today! This is a good guide to trying it out before you make the big install. I’m sure you’ll find it to be worth it.

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