Tina K. Russell

July 8, 2007

Global Warming–Not That Bad!

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My head is going to explode if I read another article like this. Global warming is bad, but since there’s no perfect solution, we should all sit around and wait to die. Apparently. Or, it’s inevitable, there’s nothing we can do, so we should all just adjust to a warmer world, God help us all. I just want to explode when I read that because it’s not our place to decide, here in America, what global temperature is ideal. If you think Al Gore is Chicken Little when he calls us to arms to act against global climate change, maybe you’ll change your mind when, say, Venice is underwater, famine in Africa is even worse than it is now, and hundreds of millions of people have been displaced around the world by the rising water level (causing refugee problems and endangering national–and international–security) because we were too goddamned lazy to do anything about climate change when we had the chance.

Acting like global warming isn’t all that bad, or we should just adjust, is so arrogant as to be unfathomable. This isn’t just New Jersey warming. This is the whole %^*)@!ing globe. And, sorry, when the Earth is, at present, fine-tuned to support human life, heating it up like a pressure cooker is a really stupid idea considering we don’t really know how long this ball of water is going to be our home. Considering how far off, technologically, galactic colonization is (a manned mission to Mars would take years each way, meaning if Gliese whatever really is habitable it would take about a bazillion years to get there at present), we should really focus on making do with what we have, right now. And sorry, a one-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise in all of the twentieth century is actually quite horrifying, it’s the figure that got me so scared of global warming in the first place. One century is supposed to be nothing in terms of climate change, it’s supposed to be a fraction of a blink in the Earth’s eye, it’s supposed to make no difference, certainly not a quantifiable one, and a projection that this rate will increase eightfold in the current century should be enough to get every world government to begin dismantling coal plants and oil refineries right away. Modest goals like emissions standards and cap-and-trade pollution markets aren’t perfect–far from it–but good Lord are they needed as a good first step in what needs to be an all-out push to save our children and their children from our lack of economic and environmental foresight, to save them from our blind greed and arrogance.

Seriously… that shouldn’t be a liberal or conservative issue. We need to save the world so that we can keep living on it. I don’t know about you, but I like living here… and to say that we could all live on a 72-degree Earth is really stupid when you’re saying it from New Jersey, Mr. Ivory Tower Jerk. You’re not deciding it for just you, you’re deciding it for everybody in the world. And there are places in the world that just can’t handle even a single degree change… to say we should all just adjust because global reform is impossible is to throw our grandchildren into the hungry maw of a warming Earth. That is something I cannot abide by.

So, every time I read an article about the effects of global warming putting farmers out of business, rising sea levels, exacerbating hurricanes and killing thousands each year, I’ll think about that ignorant columnist chilling in New Jersey and thinking about how good life is when you’re not worried about your grandchildren living in a world that you totally screwed up just for them. It’s not our place to decide how the world should live… people who are against big government should be against climate change ruining life for everyone, the world over. The argument that because reform will be difficult–hell yeah, it will be–it’s impossible and we should just give up now always gets me steamed… but here it does especially because he’s saying we should just let the Earth get hotter and hotter and damn the consequences because prevention, even modest prevention, is just too damned difficult.

I’m sure he’d argue that’s not exactly what he’s saying… but it is. Basically, I want him to repeat what he says about how we simply must adjust to a warmer world… and say it to, say, a child orphaned by Hurricane Katrina, where if global warming wasn’t the cause (funding for levees being diverted to the war in Iraq and tax cuts was, but never mind), it certainly didn’t help. Or, in ten years, tell it to African refugees who had to flee their homelands due to rising sea levels, and were caught up in the middle of a civil war in southern Shitsvillistan. Or, perhaps, tell it to a child in Venice whose house will soon get swallowed up by rising sea levels. Or, to a farmer on the equator whose crops are drying up due to the rising temperatures that are far above what would have happened without careless human intervention. Et cetera…

I think I read something like this, a while ago, where somebody said with a straight face that global warming isn’t all bad because, after all, it will increase tourism in East Germany. Yes, I just about exploded… the point is that it’s not our place to decide, we shouldn’t go in and say, hey, we’ve decided that, since we don’t want to move away from coal or oil despite cheaper and safer alternatives, we’re going to heat your country up until it sizzles, and you can’t do anything about it because we share the same atmosphere that has no recognition in international law! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Instead, maybe we should be right and responsible and save some of this world for our children, so they can live on it, too. It’s difficult, to be sure, but we have to do it. And if one more person writes that global warming isn’t so bad ’cause we can all buy sunscreen or something… well, I’ll write a very angry blog post, or something.


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