Tina K. Russell

June 21, 2007


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I like Nicholas Kristof because, in his New York Times columns, he visits the world’s worst places and so he tends to have a worldview uncluttered by slogans or talking points or partisan dogma. He has a refreshingly cold view of the world and how to save it, and that kind of pragmatism and practicality is welcome in this era of manufactured reality being pumped into us by the military-media complex and by conventional wisdom.

The other day I spoke of how I wish we would spend our foreign aid and military dollars judiciously and where they could do the most good, and give up broad aims of fixing the world and making it perfect overnight. Well, good old Nicky Kristof (which I will call him from now on) (no I won’t, don’t worry) speaks of the war in the Congo, which is, of course, horrendous and a blight unto humanity. So, of course, if you wanted an example of the kind of place that the United States military could and should intervene (and remember, I’m a Quaker, so it takes effort for me to say this), here’s a good damned example, you lunatics. That and Darfur, of course, except everybody knows that. …Except for the people in power, and if I knew why that was I would surely be a rich mutha%&*#a.

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