Tina K. Russell

June 29, 2009

Fable II’s ending

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I just beat Fable II. Read on for my opinion on the ending (which avoids specific spoilers):

It’s terrible. It’s not only terrible, it’s reprehensible. It’s offensive. It’s dehumanizing. I’m filled with the raging fire of a thousand suns. I want Peter Molyneux’s head on a pike. It violates every unspoken contract between artist and consumer. It’s bad from a moral perspective, it’s bad from an ethical perspective, it’s especially, searingly, confoundingly, implausibly, inexcusably bad from a gaming perspective. I have absolutely no idea what they were thinking, other than that they succumbed to laziness, cluelessness, and a dark cynicism that betrays any pretense to “moral choices.” It makes me want to burn down Lionhead HQ. It makes me sad that I put so much time and effort in this game. It removes any possibility that I’m giving the series a third chance. It makes me feel betrayed… utterly, utterly betrayed.

Maybe later I’ll be able to put my opinions in more concrete, spoileriffic detail. For now… the ending was cheap, it was hokey, it was unfathomably lazy, and the idea that I’m supposed to eat it and pretend it’s delicious ice cream is an affront to everything I believe in. To know that they originally planned an ending that wasn’t horrible—and haven’t seemed to explain why they switched that idea out for this lemon—only twists the knife. I don’t just want my money back; I want my emotional attachment back, I want those hours of my life back. Save for that, you probably won’t see me buying Lionhead games any more, or recommending any. Right now, I’m just left emotionally hanging in the air, without even any sense of vindication. It’s like the game knocked me down and kicked dirt in my eyes for being a decent person throughout. I just… I just… ugh.

My tummy hurts. I feel unwell. I wish I could just unravel it, or something. Ugh.


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