Tina K. Russell

March 26, 2009


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Here’s my friend Tobi Hill-Meyer, and why she’s my friend.

Here, she gives examples of “transmisogyny,” the misogyny faced by transgender women. Here’s a section I found important, but you really oughta read the whole thing.

What Transmisogyny Looks Like « No Designation
“Male Privilege”

When trans women are told that they need to stop being assertive and strong because it is a sign of male privilege – invariably by “feminists” who, of course, encourage cis women to be assertive and strong – that’s transmisogyny.

When trans women are pressured into being silent, rarely offering their opinion, and refusing leadership roles for fear of being seen as male or accused of having male privilege, that’s transmisogyny.

When trans women are afraid to analyze or discuss the role of male privilege in their life because of the way accusations of male privilege have been used as weapons to silence, shame, and misgender trans women, that’s transmisogyny.

When trans women do analyze and discuss the role of male privilege in their lives and come to different conclusions than the dominant cis feminist perspective and are told it is because they simply don’t understand privilege or are ignorant of feminism, that’s transmisogyny.

I think she really nails it with the first one. It’s a pretty common paradox of transsexual existence. People who spend their lives rightfully arguing that woman can be just as strong and assertive as men will suddenly turn around when a trans woman does so, and will argue that she should be submissive and timid, like a “real” woman! Some people don’t even notice this contradiction with everything they stand for. Add the fact that you really have to be confident and assertive in order to transition successfully, and get ready for a barrel of identity-politics fun.

To those who know of this contradiction and encourage all women, transgender and cisgender, to be confident and assertive, thank you! You brighten up my life.


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