Tina K. Russell

February 1, 2009

This land ain’t my land

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This article speaks of how lesbian-separatist “womyn’s lands” are dying out for lack of interest from younger women…

Lesbian Communities Struggle to Stay Vital to a New Generation – NYTimes.com
BEHIND the gate at Alapine, about five miles from the nearest town in the southern Appalachian mountains near Georgia, the women live in simple houses or double-wide trailers on roads they have named after goddesses, like Diana Drive. They meet for potluck dinners, movie and game nights and “community full moon circles” during which they sing, read poems and share thoughts on topics like “Mercury in retrograde — how is it affecting our communication?”

…and I am so, so glad.

You know, maybe it’s a little insulting that, as a transsexual woman, I wouldn’t be allowed in one. But, I think being allowed in would be a bigger insult… to my intelligence.

Communities of all men have amplified male problems, and communities of all women have amplified female problems. We’re not going to get around it until we can admit that we’re all born human, first.


  1. Hey, didnt know where to write this thus you really helped me out with your Microeconomic budgetline picture. Many thanks from Sweden.
    You got anymore awesome microeconomic pictures?
    You´ll find me at johan_pfeiler@hotmail.com, preferable MSN.

    Comment by Johan Pfeiler — February 2, 2009 @ 1:56 pm

  2. Thanks 🙂

    No, that one was one of a kind. I dashed it out ’cause I was bored and sick of my microeconomics textbook at the time. Maybe I’ll do more economics lessons, if enough people want ’em.

    Comment by Tina Russell — February 2, 2009 @ 5:04 pm

  3. […] I dashed out a quick drawing to teach in five minutes what he failed to teach in two hours, and I’m heartened to read comments from people saying it helped them grasp key early concepts of […]

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