Tina K. Russell

January 21, 2009

The Mobile Oval Office

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John D. Podesta, co-chairman of the Obama-Biden transition team:

Obama’s link to America: his BlackBerry – Los Angeles Times
‘Let the man have his BlackBerry.”

I said that to a meeting of senior transition staffers in Washington last week. I’ve been working with Barack Obama since before the election, and I know that without his virtual connection to old friends and trusted confidants beyond the bubble that seals off every president from the people who elected him, he’d be like a caged lion padding restlessly around the West Wing, wondering what’s happening on the other side of the iron bars that surround the People’s House.

An off-line Obama isn’t just bad for Barack. It’s bad for all of us.

The president’s ability to reach outside his inner circle gives him access to fresh ideas and constructive critics; it underscores the difference between political “victories” and actual solutions; and it brings the American people into a battle we can only win by working together.

The bad thing about PDAs is that they let people do a million things at once. The good thing about PDAs is that they let people do a million things at once.

The President of the United States _has_ to do a million things at once. Let the man have his BlackBerry! I don’t care if they have to commission a special one for the Presdient. Call it the “BarackBerry.” Just do it!


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