Tina K. Russell

October 30, 2008

Hooray for Ubuntu 8.10!

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Today is the long-awaited release of Ubuntu version 8.10, the “Intrepid Ibex”! You all know that I think Ubuntu is the best operating system ever made, a Linux distribution that is both powerful and easy to use, with lots of great packaged software. So, try it out! It’s free of charge and free like speech. You can even burn a CD of it (or request a free CD in the mail), start your computer with the CD in the try, and try it out from the CD just to make sure it all works and see if you like it. Trust me, you will!

Find out more about Ubuntu 8.10

Download it here, or request a free CD

Ubuntu respects you because it comes with all of its advanced capabilities out of the box. There’s no “professional” or “enterprise” edition, there’s just your edition. With its automated package system, it removes the common hassles of installing weird drivers and libraries you’ve never heard of. It comes with an office suite and advance image editing right on the CD, along with Firefox browsing, Evolution e-mail and scheduling, Pidgin instant messaging, F-Spot photo management, Ekiga Internet telephony, and more. You can also download everything from 3D modelling software to Web content frameworks from the Ubuntu repositories using the easy “add/remove” interface. Plus, it’s Linux, and that means powerful and stable. It rarely crashes, even when running for months or even years. It’s also secure from the ground up, so you’ll never need to worry about viruses or spyware again.

What I like most about Ubuntu is its philosophy. “Ubuntu” comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages, a Southern African concept of humanity towards others, that your dignity comes from the dignity of those around you. Ubuntu is developed by a community all over the world, from dedicated hobbyists to paid professionals, a diverse group of programmers, artists, writers, and everyone else willing to pitch in to make the software world easier and more fun. I can say with certainty that Ubuntu brought me a dignity I haven’t had with a computer since I was very little. Ubuntu made me feel I was worth it, I was worth having all these powerful tools at my fingertips, without ever needing to pay. It made computing fun again and put me back at the cutting edge. So, try Ubuntu today! It’s wonderful!

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