Tina K. Russell

October 22, 2008

All-Shallow Eve

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I’ve loathed Eve Ensler for a long time. (Why I dislike her is another, longer blog post. Ask if you want it.) However, I always preface my deep-seated rage against that woman in with flowery language telling of all the good I’m sure she’s done for the world.

Not this time.

Eve Ensler is going to the Congo. To teach them about rape.

wronging rights: Hey Guys, Let’s Clean Out the Old Barn and Put On a Show About Brutal Rape!!
Finally, some urgency! There’s nothing more annoying than a country that has no gumption when it comes to protecting itself from years of the most brutal ground warfare the world has ever seen. Those Congolese people are just so darned complacent about their bodies and livelihoods being brutally attacked at regular intervals! They lack get-up-and-go, that’s their problem! Good thing the nice white lady has arrived to show ’em how it’s done.

It’s fitting for the woman who wrote those famous monologues that she would be visiting the Congo to talk, and not to listen.

(I do ask you to read the rest of the post, as it’s good, but be warned… the paragraph I clipped is relatively tame. The humor on Wronging Rights is brutal, the kind of humor that comes from dealing with horrors like this day to day, rather than merely taking the occasional press junket to the developing world to sell personal-tragedy-themed T-shirts.)

(I’ve always hated Eve Ensler, but now… I really hate her. You might say my hatred of her is a mighty tree, its roots running deep into the ground… its trunk spreading majestically into the heavens…)


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