Tina K. Russell

October 6, 2008

The crisis is spreading

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Formidable Opponent | Thursday October 2 | ColbertNation.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is this financial crisis too complicated and weird for you to get your head around? You’re in luck, as the folksy, plain-spoken Stephen Colbert has put it in terms we can all understand. (It’s frighteningly accurate.)

(Dear WordPress: This video was maddeningly difficult to embed. Simply copying and pasting the Comedy Central “embed” code into the post’s raw HTML resulted in that code, and the player, being deleted whenever I saved the post, with no explanation. I had to use this roundabout way, learning about and signing up for a service I’ve never heard of… this service had a dumb name, it was service I hope I’ll never use again, it was a service with a counterintuitive and remarkably buggy interface. Oh, and I had to install a Firefox extension, at that; at least, that’s what WordPress’s instructions led me to believe. This is just about my worst “Web 2.0” experience ever… I just don’t feel privileged to sign up for a stupidly-named service that exists only to make my life difficult by getting in between me and what I want to do. Get your act together, WordPress… seriously.)


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