Tina K. Russell

September 27, 2008

The Smith and Merkley Show

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Smith, Merkley tangle over federal bailout – Breaking News From Oregon & Portland – Oregonlive.com
Oregon’s two U.S. Senate candidates clashed today over the proposed federal bailout plan to stem the financial market crisis.

Republican Sen. Gordon Smith blasted his opponent, Democratic House Speaker Jeff Merkley, for “prejudging” the $700 billion rescue proposal before details have been worked out.

Smith was referring to an ad Merkley is running that attacks Smith for supporting a “trillion dollar blank check for Wall Street” and to statements Merkley has made opposing the bailout.

“Part of being a U.S. Senator is reading and understanding bills of this magnitude,” Smith said in a conference call with reporters. “He’s not showing leadership. He is showing partisan opportunism. This is a profile in cowardice.”

On the contrary, Merkley campaign spokesman Matt Canter said, Merkley is the one who has demonstrated his statesmanship on the issue.

“Jeff Merkley has shown real leadership by showing exactly where he stands on the Bush proposal,” Canter said. “Smith hasn’t done that. He has dished out rhetoric.”

Tom Tomorrow once spoke rightly of the need to vote for the lesser of two evils when it is the only practical choice; part of being an adult is choosing among undesirable options often. I will be voting in the Oregon Senate race this year, and I will be voting for Merkley. But, I do believe I speak for the entire state when I say, good Lord I’m sick of this race. We have two candidates acting more like children squabbling over the front seat than aspirants to the second-highest federal office on the ballot. I don’t care who “started it”; grow a backbone and give some dignity to the process. You’re just turning off potential voters.


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