Tina K. Russell

September 17, 2008

Advance Wars

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I seem to have rediscovered (some might say “relapsed into”) Advance Wars on my DS. Is there anyone here who plays Advance Wars: Days of Ruin? I’d like someone to play Wi-Fi battles against. (I know the computer player inside out! I need to play against another human…)

I’m curious if anybody makes maps designed for single-player challenges and shares them over Wi-Fi. I know there are sites intended to allow you to “share” maps by inviting others to transcribe them, tile by tile, onto your DS, but I’d rather not welcome that agony onto my dual screens. I’d love more challenges against the AI player, but Nintendo doesn’t allow you to share maps freely with strangers unless they’re smaller than thimbles (ones that are shrunk and sold as novelty items). Presumably, this size limit is to prevent you from painting something obscene as an Advance Wars map and sending it freely into the outside world. Once again, a Nintendo product’s online functionality is crippled by the company’s overriding fear of the outside world. (Seriously, it would be so cool to get new single-player challenges easily through Wi-Fi. Aaaagh!)

Anyway, I’m wondering if anybody wants to fight me in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and I’m wondering if there’s a community around sharing single-player custom maps as well, ’cause that would be cool. Okay… bye!

(Yes, I know any map can be played against the computer; I mean one designed for play against the computer; that is to say, tilted against player 1. Figuring out how to use the elements of war against a superior enemy is the essence of Advance Wars. And, the computer player has gotten waaaay to easy for me to play against on even terms.)

(Oh, and here’s my friend code: 171 926 402 648)


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