Tina K. Russell

August 24, 2008

Will good things come to those in Kuwait?

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This is important, so I hope Al Watan won’t mind me reproducing the whole thing:

Al Watan Daily
Chairwoman of the Arab Committee for Human Rights Violette Dagher has sent a letter to National Assembly President Jassem AlـKhorafi and MP Mohammed Haif AlـMutairi requesting them to “review the law pertinent to transexuality and the introduction of laws which may modify the existing criminal laws.”
She explained that the issue of transexuality in Kuwait occupied a central position in the committee”s agenda as the law in Kuwait equated them with criminals, which consequently led to the imprisonment of some cases.
Transsexual individuals in Kuwait are often verbally insulted and humiliated, and some even pay penalty fines that could reach up to 1000 U.S. dollars.
She described the treatment of transsexuals in Kuwait as “inhumane,” especially those who were imprisoned. She pointed out to the fact that some had developed severe and complicated psychological disorders at a time when they needed assistance and compassion rather than punishment.
Dagher referred to the farـreaching consequences of the law, including depravation of leading a normal life as some families detached themselves from their transsexual relatives, and some transsexual individuals were barred from education.
Dagher confirmed that transsexuals do not have control over their sexuality, as it is not developed according to their own volition. She argued against their regarding them as “offenders.” She explained that bisexual faculties exist in all of individuals at varying degrees and, therefore, transsexuals cannot be penalized for their hormones.
Dagher stressed that Kuwait enjoys a healthy democracy and consequently antiـtranssexual laws needed to be modified. She suggested that the first step should be the introduction of a specialized body, able to deal with transsexuals, their unique needs and challenges in a professional manner.

That sounds like the right approach. Nobody chooses to be transsexual… honestly, I’m not sure who would. Transsexual pride is, well, an attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

I’d be interested in learning more about the status of transsexuals throughout the Muslim world. I know I’m not the only one who feels she is a) transsexual and b) the work of God, so I’d like to see more perspectives on this.

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