Tina K. Russell

August 22, 2008


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Magazine Preview – Barack Obama, A Free-Market-Loving, Big-Spending, Fiscally Conservative Wealth Redistributionist – NYTimes.com

This is a wonderful article! Barack Obama basically says a lot of the things I’ve been feeling for the past few years: that the free market is a wonderful thing, and the government can help out by doing the things the free market can’t. Moreover, if the government invests in infrastructure, in education, in people, only then will the market reach its full potential or will people get the most from the market.

This is exactly why I love Obama and came to support him in the primaries: he’s sharp, he’s a pragmatist, and he’s a liberal. His University of Chicago background has made him fluent in the language of economics, making him just the one to tackle the crises of our time. The article is right in saying that Obama needs to unload the economic big guns and find a way to distill his economic plans into a marketable message to go against the aloof McCain. It’s become cliché, but it’s true: McCain, trying to win support from the base, has basically formed a policy of ticking every box in a column of archconservative dogmas that even conservatives are rethinking these days. Meanwhile, Obama has avoided a similar regurgitating of orthodoxy by looking carefully at liberal and conservative ideas and synthesizing a policy that shows a lot of promise. We need that guy in the White House ASAP.

(I always found it funny when people said Obama is “arrogant” or “too smart” or something. I kind of want a smart guy in the White House. I want a smart guy who surrounds himself with smart people of various ideological stripes. McCain is smart, of course, but he has no clear plans, no conviction, no direction. The man is past his prime. Obama, meanwhile, is brilliant and at the top of his game. If pundits think he’s too professorial, I say, class is in session! Poverty, war, and illiteracy are about to get a schoolin’!)


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  1. Pragmatist… oh, now I get it. At first I thought you said he was pregnant. Which, let’s face it, in our world can happen… 😉

    Comment by Riftgirl — August 26, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

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