Tina K. Russell

August 13, 2008

More on Apple

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Cory Doctorow, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune:

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What looks bright and shiny today…

Absolutely. I mean, I was a long-time Apple customer and I think one of the great geniuses of Apple’s industrial design is their capacity to ship designs that at the moment they ship, look absolutely futuristic and eighteen months late look completely disposable and played out. And I think that makes you feel better about throwing them away. iPods? I have a phone in my pocket that’s been in my pocket for a year and doesn’t look like its been through a rock tumbler. But you buy an iPod and you stick it in your pocket for ten minutes and it looks like you’ve been sanding it with a belt sander. And I think that’s because in six months it’ll have three times the capacity and cost half as much so you don’t want to feel guilty about putting it in the trash.

It’s design obsolescence.

Yeah, planned design obsolescence.

I don’t hate Apple… I want to emphasize that the consumer electronics and software industries could learn massive heaping loads from Apple, and that if you’re simply aping Apple you’re probably doing better than 99% of the companies in your field. I simply do not think their white rectangles are orgasmic conduits to pure joy. I’m rather concerned about one company controlling all the music players and the music stores. And, I’d really like to buy devices meant to last long-term, not ones I’ll feel ashamed to have the next time Steve Jobs takes the stage.

On a related note: does anyone know of any particularly open-source-friendly portable media players? If you know of one that plays Speex audio, I may die happy.

(Mr. Doctorow, incidentally, is a hero of mine. His speech on DRM at Microsoft is seminal.)

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