Tina K. Russell

May 19, 2008

Again with the farm bill

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A Disgraceful Farm Bill – New York Times

I’m sad that Congress has given a strong bipartisan mandate to continue our broken farm policy, long after we all learned how bad it’s been for America. I’m sick of huge subsidies to corn and soybeans that have made junk food easier to obtain than real food for most Americans, and contributed to the tragedy of what could be our first generation not to live as long as their parents. I wish Congress would think of us as their first priority, and what we eat the first priority of a farm bill. I’m sad that the Democrats have gotten behind this bloated mess and I’m sad that this is one area (like immigration) that Republicans have found it easy rather than difficult to get behind the President, and I don’t defend the President often.

Huh… it seems that Peter DeFazio, my Congressman, voted for it. Dammit! When I get a hold of that guy…

Earl Blumenauer, my Congressman when I lived in Portland, led the opposition against it. Also, Henry Waxman of California voted against it. I’ve heard about him. He sounds kind of cool.

Waaaah! Bernie Sanders voted for it in the Senate! Bernie, how could you?! (In fact, just two Democrats–though Sanders is an independent, remember–voted for it, and they’re both from Rhode Island. Weird.)

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