Tina K. Russell

April 16, 2008

If I Ran the Circuits

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Blockbuster willing to take on more debt to buy Circuit City

Blockbuster wants to buy Circuit City. I mean, wow! Can you imagine renting a movie and buying a new computer–in the same store? It’s just amazing the kind of synergy those two would create. Just think, you could walk into Blockuit Citybuster with the intention of renting Return of the King, and decide you’d rather buy an iPod instead. Brilliant.

Actually, it’s totally stupid. I’m really annoyed by this idea that combining two major franchises is always a good thing, that somehow by “streamlining” and eliminating “redundancy” they can create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. What’s more likely, in my estimation, is that the whole would be less than the sum of its parts, because they’d have a diluted brand less powerful than either one they started with. Blockbuster is the biggest name in video rentals (the kind you get from a physical store, and the kind you stop using once you’ve tried Netflix), and Curcuit City is the biggest name in being shoved into buying a Windows-afflicted computer bloated with more features than you’ll ever need or use by a clueless sales rep dead-set on getting you to buy service plans for hardware designed to break one day after the service plan ends. I can’t imagine a customer walking into a Circkbusty and bieng enthralled with so many choices: I could rent a movie, or buy an entirely new TV! It just doesn’t make sense.

Besides, I’m annoyed that so many in retail seem to think that Americans are so stupid, we will never, ever want to go to seperate stores for seperate items. Let’s ignore the fact that the kind of impulse buys you make at Blockbuster and the kind of reasoned splurges you make at Curcuit City are completely different categories that you are unlikely to find on the same itinerary (indeed, Blockbuster is unlikely to be on anyone‘s itenerary anyway, except maybe for taking movies back to Blockbuster, an idea Netflix is also making obsolete). I want the companies to recognize that I am smart enough to know that Payless Shoes sells shoes and Chuck E. Cheese sells pizza made of cardboard and provides arcade games while you wait. I don’t need them to merge into Chuck E. Payless, the cardboard-shoe-pizza superstore. Or, while we’re on that subject, the Sharper Image and Day-By-Day Calendar Co. do not need to merge into The Sharper Calendar, where you buy really sharp calendars, the kind that ninjas impale themselves on for forgetting anniversaries. Also, for instance, I’m fully aware that GameStop sells used games passed off as new ones and Spencer’s sells abominations unto humanity. I don’t need a combined store that sells used games passed off as abominations unto humanity.

Bitch, bitch, bitch…

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