Tina K. Russell

April 13, 2008

The Tipping Point

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I Believe in Tipping Big (via John Hodgman)

As I grew older I returned to waitressing a couple times. I was good at it. Eventually, I opened my own café, the only one in my tiny town. We didn’t have waiters, just bar help. But we had a big glass tip jar on the counter. My small staff and I always noticed who tipped well and who didn’t – did you know that, that we talk about you behind your back if you don’t leave a tip, even at a counter or a bar?

I don’t like tipping, because I don’t like unwritten rules. I never know what they are! So, given that I cannot divine how much of a tip you want, my only hope for happiness is not to care about whether or not you dislike me, and not tip anything, because I’m more likely than not to tip above or below the ideal amount and earn your ire or condescension.

That said, I’m enormously thin-skinned about what I think people say about me, whether or not it’s true. So, while it’s a bit unrealistic for me to say I can just decide not to care what you think–since I always care enormously what people think of me and it’s a problem–it’s even more unrealistic for me to say I really do care what you think, and all the proper-tipping-amount-divining that entails.

So, forgive me if I pay you what’s on the sign (unless, maybe, you list the amount for a socially acceptable tip next to it). What can I say? I’m Quaker; we invented prices.

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