Tina K. Russell

April 7, 2008

Awesome Transsexuals: Vikki-Marie Gaynor

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Transsexual trucker wins sex discrimination claim – icWales

A transsexual trucker has won a sex discrimination claim after he was forced out of his job just weeks after arriving at work dressed as a woman.

Former soldier Mike Gaynor was well-liked and respected in his trucking job in Liverpool, which he landed in October 2006.

While I’m annoyed that this paper got the name and pronouns wrong–a horrendous practice that seems to be abating at most respectable newspapers–I am happy at every precedent that says that transsexuals, indeed, have rights. Also, this should help reveal to people how widespread this kind of discrimination is, so that we may end it once and for all.

You should not lose your job for being who you are, no less than a cissexual man should be punished for coming to work wearing a dress shirt and pants. Obviously, companies have the right to set a dress code, but they ought to be accomodating to someone honest and forthright about his or her transition.

Discrimination sucks, and that you simply do not understand the group you are discriminating against is no excuse. Maybe you’ll listen after you’re sued successfully for firing a good employee.

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  1. I was in contact with her, but we seem to have lost contact, she has won her case, £20,000 in compensation, quite frankly the company got off lightly.


    I wish I could have claimed against the supermarket who discrimated against me, banning me from the female toilets for a year and a half, then I would have the cash for FFS.


    Comment by steph1963 — October 21, 2008 @ 2:53 am

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