Tina K. Russell

April 6, 2008

High art

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Letters: Redrawing From the Art World – New York Times

Your March 23 art issue promises both a “redrawing” and a comprehensive look at a place that mystifies and confuses many people. What we are shown is a collection of war horses and their anointed successors and a fetishistic group of pretty-boy workhorses who work low-paying jobs in the hope of getting into a group show.

The audience for this stuff is getting both more affluent and smaller. This world is built on a shaky foundation, namely hedge-fund collectors and the nouveau riche. When it comes crashing down, as it did in the 1980s, what will there be to show for it?

How about focusing on work that tries to communicate honestly and gives the viewer an entry point. Unless big changes are made, the art world will diminish into a smaller and smaller niche.



Thank you. I had just about the same feeling reading that article… bleccch.

Why don’t we stop with the masturbating and the art for art’s sake and just make what’s inside of us? My brother once had an acting teacher who put it this way: the artist has to make art–it’s in her soul–while the artiste strokes his chin and says, “Oh, yes, my latest work…”

I’ll expand that to say that art is in everybody‘s soul. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, since I consider myself a creative person, but my head nearly explodes every time I hear someone say, “yeah, I’m not creative.” Who are we kidding? We’re all creative, and whenever somebody says this, I’m convinced it’s the fault of people who have made art the province of the elite, and the terrible art that they make and collect. (As someone who plays videogames, it’s a further insult that a fully realized world of character and depth and story is considered a juvenile diversion by the same elites who consider a green square on poster board to be “high art.”) And these same artists say that they are rebels, going against commercialism and tradition, while ignoring the fact that they are, by and large, simply making what’s trendy and gives them accolades in elite circles.

Doing that, you may make money, but you’ll never be happy, and your art will still suck.

Oh… and in the meantime, please stop making uppity “artist’s statements” about what your art is doing in the world. If your art isn’t making you happy, then you might want to take up a different trade.


Calvin and Hobbes - \"Borgeois Buffoon\"

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