Tina K. Russell

March 9, 2008

Time Out of Mind – New York Times

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Time Out of Mind – New York Times

This guy is right. Stop trying to do everything at once… you’re only hurting yourself.

Perhaps I’m bitching ’cause I have ADD, which gives me a short attention span, meaning that it’s tough to switch tasks… so I like the lengthy, leisurely ones like drawing or playing Advance Wars that take a lot of time but, oh, what results! (I also take medicine to ensure I can concentrate. …Yeah.)

But, I’m bothered by type-A people who rate themselves by the number of accomplishments they’ll have racked up by the time they’re dead. That said, these people tend to be my friends, people I love dearly but can never hang out or write back to me ’cause their schedule rarely creaks open wide enough to fit me in. (If you’re reading this–and you are more than one person–I love you, but you’re driving me insane.) And… I’m always bothered by the small amounts of things I get done, and imagine all the glorious things I want to do. …It’s tough.

Obviously, the solution is to set simple goals and meet them. I need to decide where my priorities are. …And I don’t want to. Ugh.

But, yes, read the article. I think that we, as Americans, work too damn hard. We need to put a value on quality of life… it really is worth something.

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