Tina K. Russell

March 4, 2008

Prejudice is not Christ-like, incidentally

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Walking a Fine Line | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Oh, go stick your hate in a paper bag and burn it. Look at the people they got to present the “other side” in this article: people who say that transsexuals should be welcomed in church because someone who is transsexual must clearly be struggling and need God. I don’t want your charity, you charlatan.

I’m really bugged by this, but you already know that. Cissexual (that is to say, non-transsexual) women aren’t singled out for practicing a deviant “lifestyle” for wearing, you know… skirts. And if you think my genitals at birth should determine my fashion sense… I’d like you to meet a man named Eddie Izzard. Besides that, I think that old billy club of “God doesn’t make mistakes” is stupid… God doesn’t make mistakes. He made me. He made me transsexual! And you have it here in writing that I will never join a church interested in “turning me around.” I will only join churches willing to see that of God in me, and if you don’t like it, you can stuff it.


(I want to make it clear that transsexuality is not a “sexual” issue… it’s one of gender identity. You know, you generally don’t wear the clothes that you wear due to sexual impulses, unless you wear seriously freaky clothes [and in that case, more power to you]. But… if people are more comfortable in their skins when presenting the gender they were really born with–the one between the ears, not between the legs–what in hell is wrong with that? Suppressing your identity all your life does not lead to a happy life, nor, I might add, does it lead to a very deep relationship with Christ. Some people…)

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