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May 29, 2007

Denying the Holocaust

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Here’s another great moment in self-censorship: British schools are afraid of teaching the Holocaust–you know, where ten million people died–because they’re afraid of offending ultraconservative Muslims whose beliefs include Holocaust denial. …

You know, if I were a school teacher, I would teach the NASA moon landings no matter how many whackjobs claim they’re not real. This really gets my goat because, in order for the moon landings to be a hoax (or for the CIA to have slain Kennedy or Princess Diana is really Elvis, etc.), an absurd number of people would have to be a part of a cover-up (and it would become altogether too tempting to resist for any one of them to get rich writing a tell-all memoir). In order for the Holocaust to be a hoax–you know, every single thing in the mountain of evidence supporting it would have to be somehow planted–such an astronomical number of people would have to be “in on it” that only a complete idiot could believe that this is some kind of “Jewish conspiracy.” This is the Holocaust, many, many people died, don’t be so $^*)!!~ fidgety about it. It’s not like the complaints of a fanatical minority have made teachers nervous about teaching biology and evolution–oh, wait…

Anyway, I’m angry. Don’t censor yourself, it’s not helpful. This is what you get when you try not to offend anybody: you offend everybody. Teach the truth, and let the bigots complain all they want.

May 28, 2007

First post!

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Hi! My name is Tina Kelly Russell. My favorite things are to write, draw, play videogames, work with computers, and read comic books. I formerly had a blog at Windows Live Spaces, which has a very nice interface but, of course, not good integration with Linux, which has become a concern to me since switching to Ubuntu. So, I am continuing my WL Spaces blog here on WordPress.

Mostly, I believe, I will be commenting on interesting news stories and on things from my experience. Again, I love computers, videogames, and comic books, so you’ll hear from me on those things from time to time. In the news, I’m very interested in politics and generally keep a liberal perspective, but try hard to listen to conservative solutions as well as I know they are sometimes ugly-but-necessary.

That’s all I have for now. I will update as the mood strikes. These posts will be irregular, so I advise subscribing to a feed if you wish to stay perfectly up-to-date. Thanks!

By the way, Ubuntu is seriously cool and I have fallen in love with the Linux environment. So, I definately recommend catching the open-source bug to all interested. It’s the wave of the future and represents the final end to all those annoying things about your PC (you know what I’m talking about… _that one_). It’s taking power from entrenched industry players and placing it in the hands of the people… and it encourages you to give back and get involved in the community. So, I’m quite happy with Linux. Yay for penguins!

(I’m also the world’s biggest fan of Sonic The Hedgehog, if you need to know more about me…)

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